New T-Shirts

Bicycle Forest T-Shirts

In anticipation of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show next week, we’ve prepared a new set of T-shirts.  We’re pretty happy with the results of this year’s batch.  Come see us at booth 431 and try one on!

4 Responses to “New T-Shirts”

  1. Natasha Says:


  2. moorepants Says:

    Can we order these T-Shirts?

  3. tim Says:

    Any chance of a BikeCAD Pro shirt for those users who are not able to get to NAHBS?

  4. Brent Says:

    We didn’t print the shirts with the expectation of doing a lot of online sales. However, if people are interested, they can e-mail me at Let me know your shirt size, preferred colour, design and sleeve length. Perhaps we can ship a few out after the show. The colours we have are black, blue dusk, indigo, crimson, military green, orange and violet. If there’s another colour you’d like even more, let us know. If we end up doing another run of them, we can get any colour you want.

    Tim, I was a bit worried about the cost of shipping to Australia, but it looks like if you can stand to wait 4-6 weeks, shipping might only cost about $10.

    Thanks for your interest!