The Un-Road Trip Continues

Although Boaz has come and gone, we’ve continued to enjoy various car free outings as a result of Boaz’s Un-Road Trip. Last night, Natalie and I moved the Couchbike back to Kitchener from Stratford. Thunderstorms were in the forecast, but the weather turned out to be perfect for a late day Couchbike cruise.

Studying on the Couchbike

Natalie was still busy preparing for her PhD comprehensive exams next week, but fortunately that’s one of the perks of Couchbike travel. One needs not necessarily pay attention to the road when an expert driver is at the tiller.

Studying on the Couchbike

Since we were making pretty good time, we stopped in for a visit at the Humphrey’s at about the half way point. We got in to Kitchener just before dark.

Stop at the Humphrey's

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