Treadmill Biking in the Park

Treadmill Bike photo by Core Photography

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Earlier this week, Reuters came to film a report on the Bicycle Forest. The first thing we did was take a couple treadmill bikes for a stroll in the park. The bikes turned some heads, so Reuters ended up interviewing a bunch of people about their thoughts on the new fitness craze. Reactions were surprisingly favourable. Scott Ferrede from Core Photography happened to be out as well. Scott took the photo above along with a bunch more which you can see on his blog.


When we returned from the park, we rode some more bikes and talked a little more about BikeCAD. Watch for this piece on TV in the coming weeks.

Hulabiking Hulabiking

3 Responses to “Treadmill Biking in the Park”

  1. euro biker Says:

    Although I love the whole idea it looks extremely unstable to me.

  2. Milton Crow Says:

    Looks like the perfect trainer for a water skipper (personal hydrofoil). Other than that I love the elegant simplicity.

  3. Milton Crow Says:

    Any plans to add HulaBikes to your catalog? I realize your business is software, but the HulaBike looks like so much fun. It also seems like a much more viable production product than the treadmill bike. I think teenagers especially would go nuts over it. I have a 26″ mountain bike, a Trikke12 and a StreetStrider. I would love to add a HulaBike to my fleet.