Retire Your Ride

Pimped Out Rhoades Car promoting Retire Your Ride

1995 model year and older vehicles produce 19 times more air pollution than 2004 and newer models. That’s one of the messages that the Retire Your Ride program was delivering at the Dundas Cactus Parade last week. Retire Your Ride is Canada’s vehicle recycling program. The program aims to get higher polluting vehicles off the road and is offering discounts on transit passes, bicycles, car sharing memberships, new or used cars, or even $300 cash to people willing to recycle their old cars.

I was happy to see the Bicycle Forest Pickup Truck Bike used to promote the cause. You can learn more about Retire Your Ride at:

Pimped Out Rhoades Car promoting Retire Your Ride

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  1. ComputerAidedder Says:

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  2. info Says:

    Anyone can use BikeCAD for free online at: . The free versions runs as a Java applet inside your web browser. Therefore, you don’t need to download it. BikeCAD Pro runs as a standalone application and is therefore downloaded to your own computer.