Earth Day at Empire School

Pickup Truck Bike

Empire Public School celebrated Earth Day today with an environmental fair.  The Bicycle Forest was invited to promote the benefits of cycling.  We brought along a laptop so kids could design their own bikes using BikeCAD.  Here are a couple of designs created by the kids.  Pretty creative!

BikeCAD designs by kids

Because it was rainy today, Mohrgan and I elected to ride the pickup truck bike. We stayed nice and dry as we pedalled away inside. There was room in the back for a Hulabike, so we brought that along too. Both bikes were a big hit with the kids.

Here’s a video of our ride across town.

  Pickup Truck Bike

2 Responses to “Earth Day at Empire School”

  1. Gunnar Says:


    do you sell that????

  2. info Says:

    Unfortunately, the truck bike is not for sale. It was just a one-off creation. However, BikeCAD Pro is available for sale at: