BikeCAD 5.01

BikeCAD 5.01

BikeCAD 5.01 is now available.   New features that are common to BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro include:

  • The ability to change any colour on the bike including tires, rims, saddle, handlebars and stem
  • Two new paint schemes to highlight lugs
  • New XML file structure
  • A notes section to record customer info and additional comments about the design
  • Bullhorn handlebar option
  • Aerobars can be used in combination with any handlebar
  • Choose between traditional aerobars and S-bend style aerobars
  • Control pedal dimensions
  • Individually control the placement of dimensions on the screen.
  • Improved dimension style (New arrows.  Text size is infinitely adjustable)
  • Selectively read in elements from BCAD files.
  • Decal display is no longer tied to paint schemes.  Decals can be displayed on any of the three main frame tubes through simple checkboxes.

New features that are available in BikeCAD Pro include:

2 Responses to “BikeCAD 5.01”

  1. robert olsson Says:

    Does Bike CAD come in a version that’s Mac compatible?

    How much does it cost and how long does it take the average Joe to learn?



  2. Brent Says:

    Yes, BikeCAD runs on any operating system. See this link for some screen captures:

    BikeCAD Pro costs $350 Canadian. If I had to describe its ease of use in terms of a common dessert, I would say that it is as easy as pie.

    You can get a good sense of what BikeCAD Pro is like by trying the free version of BikeCAD.