BikeCAD 5.3

BikeCAD 5.3

BikeCAD 5.3 is now available. New features that are common to BikeCAD and BikeCAD Pro include:

  • New icon to minimize the display of the tabs at the bottom of BikeCAD.
  • Show either Campagnolo or Shimano brake hoods.
  • Full German, Italian and Portuguese translations.
  • Type in mathematical expressions into dimension fields (18.5*25.4, etc.)
  • Check box to make both front and rear wheels the same size.

New features in BikeCAD Pro include:

  • Unlimited fit schemes in the Fit advisor.
  • Fit advisor can now manage formula for determining effective top tube length, stem length and saddle setback.
  • Move the sitting position back and forth on the saddle, or even stand off the saddle.
  • Show block of text in the title block in any of the four corners of the drawing.
  • Streamline your interface by removing menus, options and dimensions that you don’t need.
  • Post your own version of BikeCAD on your own site using BikeCAD for the Web.
  • Initiate custom bike sales by collecting contact info and body measurements from prospective customers using this free PHP script.

4 Responses to “BikeCAD 5.3”

  1. Jhonatan Moloon Says:

    Awesome stuff Brent.
    Is this update free for prior BikeCAD owners?

  2. Brent Says:

    Yes it is Jhonatan. I’ve just sent you an e-mail with the links. Let me know if you do not receive it.

  3. Rui Batista Says:

    Hi Great applet! Have you compiled your app to run on OSX? Would love to have it on there. Java is part of the supported Developer toolbox… I think compiling the applet with some small tweaks for GUI issues will have you running on a HUGE unix installed base.



  4. Brent Says:

    Thanks Rui! Actually, BikeCAD already runs on Mac OSX. It will run on any operating system where Java has been installed. So you are right. BikeCAD is becoming really popular on pretty much all operating systems from Windows to Linux and Mac.

    I have already implemented a few tweaks for how BikeCAD renders coloured JButtons on the Mac. If anyone feels that there are additional changes that might suit their particular OS, I hope that they will let me know.