The Family Truckster

Brent, Dan, Greg and Natalie on the Family Truckster

We’re having an early winter here in Canada. The weather this weekend wasn’t ideal for showcasing our latest pedal powered creation. However, I wanted to submit an entry in the Specialized¬†and Google¬†Innovate or Die contest and that contest closes next weekend, so I felt like it was now or never. You can see our video on the right.The Family Truckster is a four passenger quadricycle that splits in two to create two back to back recumbent tandems. The Family truckster features four independent drive trains. Passengers in the rear can either pedal backwards or install their chain in a figure 8 and pedal forwards. Passengers in the rear can also choose from two different handlebar positions.The Family Truckster can lean into turns thanks to three pin jointed cross tubes that link the two sides together.

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  1. Speedlinking 3 January 2008 » Treadly and Me Says:

    […] I see those guys over at Bike Forest have gone crazy. Again. Check out The Family Truckster. […]

  2. dennis bean-larson Says:

    Hi all…
    I’m just running down the exhibitor list for NAHBS and looking at those that are new this year. Wow, pretty cool. Will you have any demos? If so, sign me and my son Carl up. We’ll be there Wed – Tuesday taking care of our coverage of the show.
    Here’s what we did last year:
    dennis bean-larson

  3. Brent Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Good to hear from you. Yes, we’ll be offering demos, but just like last year, everything will be focused on BikeCAD Pro. It would be fun to bring some of the bikes in our rental collection, but most of them would not fit in our booth space.

    I look forward to meeting anyone who’d like to drop by and see us at booth #226.

  4. Versatile bicycle parts | Toban Black Says:

  5. Alex Brede Says:

    Brent –
    It’s beautiful! The figure 8 chain seems to work well. I feel lucky that I got to see it in construction this summer. It is very impressive to see it functioning so well on the winter roads.
    I hope that all is well for you!

  6. Nat Says:


    This would have hauled balls on the climbs Vroom (from) T-Bay. Otherwise I am sweating it out here in Tucson.

    I am impressed again…


  7. Emily Tuang Says:

    it is really fun!! love those bikes. thanks!