Malric Leborgne from France built this beautiful carbon fiber high racer. Malric describes the process on his blog here.

Malric now has a low racer project on the go. Here's the link for that.

Malric's High Racer


Ari Eskola from Oulu, Finland has put about 200 hours into building this trike.
It's built mainly from recycled materials. It's not quite done as shown. Eventually,
it will feature double chrome headlights, rear fenders, a charging battery system and
will be painted green, black and pinstriped gold.

John Deere Theme Bike

Norm McEwan from Lethbridge, Alberta built this John Deere inspired bike and has started a small business called Farm Boy Industries to create a variety of custom machines.

This is Marvin Penner's latest creation. The nice short chain on this front wheel drive recumbent looks to be about the same length as a standard road bike. Nice!

Marvin Penner's Front Wheel Drive Recumbent
Gladiator Chopper

Brad Graham rides again with this heavy duty looking trike he calls the Gladiator Chopper. Amazingly, this bike required no machining on Brad's part, just rusty scrap and bike components. Only a hand drill/grinder and AC welder were used.

Below is Brad's StreetFox trike. Geez Brad! Where do you find the time?