SWB recumbent by Tim Boase
This recumbent was built by Tim Boase from South Australia. The main beam is a piece of 90 mm x 35 mm Pinus Radiata (plantation pine grown for building timber) which is offset to the left of the lengthways centre line of the bike. Tim says it is comfortable to ride and weighs 16 Kg's (35 lbs). It does however twist slightly between the cranks & headstem. The main cost was for the seat- made from PVC water pipe and fittings. The rest was scrounged and cut down from an old road frame.
SWB recumbent with fairing
Four seat tandem bicycle
Tall bike

This eclectic mix of bikes was built in Thunder Bay by Brad Graham. There are more great photos of his other bikes at AtomicZombie.com.

Lowracer recumbent