2x4 wooden recumbent

John Jermy built this wooden recumbent from 2x4's. For more of John's bikes checkout http://xntrick.co.uk.

low racer Alex Calothis built this recumbent from a couple of old bikes salvaged from the tip and some mild steel tubing. The rear fork is from a Saracen AWOL with an elastomer damper. The seat is laminated out of two sheets of 4mm ply glued up on a frame, and is suprisingly comfortable - much better than an upright bike! The front wheel drive system works well and uses a couple of idler pulleys from McMaster-Carr. The turning angle is limited but this is only a problem at very low speeds. With the small front wheel the bike is a little too low geared and could have therefore done with a bigger chain ring. The whole thing was welded using a small arc welder. For more on this bike check Alex's web site.

superman bike

Prolific bicycle tinkerer Hezi Ismach, of Israel, built this prone bicycle. Hezi says you've got to be careful not to fall asleep while riding this comfortable bike.

This conventional looking mountain bike is actually pretty unique. It was built from Easton aluminium hockey sticks by Adam Joanisse of Sudbury, Ontario! This 12" frame weighs 3 lbs.

Hockey stick bike
Troy Way Spincycle

This is the latest version of Troy Way's Spincycle. For more of Troy's stuff look further down the page.

The Spincycle concept has really caught on. Here's another one built by Brad Graham.