Triple Decker Penny Farthing

Paul Neugebauer built this penny farthing with three stacked wheels in 2002. The wheels turn by friction, so there's no chain required. The seat is over 7 feet high!

This slick trike was sent in by Crippy. You can see more of his work here.

Homebuilt Trike
Shopping cart bicycle

Mike Watson has just come out with the ultimate shopping cart for the burgeoning trend of mega stores. Mike says the outrigger casters are to prevent flip over and allow for "Dukes of Hazard" 180 degree turn skids.

This is Mike VanderLinden's first attempt at bike building. The project started out of necessity when Mike's wife ran over their son's bike with the car. After scrounging to find three scrap bikes, this one just sort of fell together. The only expense was the $7.50 invested in the chrome skull valve stem caps. For Mike, the best free component on the bike is the kick he got out of building it. Seems like the fun will continue. Taillights are in the works!

Tiny chopper bike
Two bikes joined together

Chris Fuchser built this semi-recumbent bike by joining a mountain bike and a BMX. No welding required!