Michael Killian SidewaysBike

The SidewaysBike (above) was invented by Michael Killian. This bike is ridden sideways and is balanced using front to back balance which he explains is one of three distinct forms of human balance. It also uses non linked front and rear steering just like Michael's other creation the Terrible Two (shown on the right). Michael's bike was featured on RTE News. To watch the video, click here.

Michael Killian Terrible Two
Trans Canada Record Trike

Greg Kolodziejzyk from Calgary built this tricked out trike for a trans Canada record attempt. You can read more about it in the Adventures of Greg.

Ben Eadie also from Calgary built this red recumbent and documented the process in his blog recumbent-canada.blogspot.com. Check it out for photos and diagrams of his jigs.

Ben Eadie Recumbent Bike
MS Bike Ride Bike

The Spicy Tuna Hand Roll Cycling Team built this 21 person bike for the MSBike Tour ride "Biking to the Viking". They built it in a few weeks, which was a very busy time for all of them. They did preliminary designs of the bike and changed those designs as needed. Everyone on the team was a past or present engineering student from the University of Manitoba. "We wanted a challenge! And we definitely got what we asked for." said project planner Lance Marohn.