This is Forrest Ohnesorge's fourth home built recumbent-- a Tour Easy replica made from a Schwinn World Sport road bike and some Cro-Mo from the local Metal by the Foot dealer. Total time building ran about 3 months of spare time and total investment including $5.00 for the World Sport was around $100.00. Unique features include plastic water pipe chain tubes, a section of 1" square tubing on the top tube for easy seat attachment, and a home built swing-forward handlebar riser.  Total weight is about 35 lbs. Forrest lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

Homebuilt Recumbent
Art Bicycle

Dennis Kalichuk an artist from St. Thomas, Ontario sent in a shot of one of his art bikes.

Amazingly this trike and two other recumbents were built with a total combined cost of $300. For detailed views of this one, and the other bikes he's built, check out Paul Walters' Page

Homebuilt trike
Homebuilt trike

This is Paul's latest trike. It's got front and rear suspension and electric assist.

Lewis Campbell built this recumbent from old discarded bike frames.

Homebuilt recumbent