Cyclone Recumbent

This slick looking recumbent was built by Robert den Hartigh from Edmonton. For more on Rob's bike check out this link.

Don Morrison sent in a shot of his quadracycle. It's just one bike in a huge fleet that Don has built. More are shown below:

Quad Recumbent
Wooden bicycle
Left, is a shot of a beautiful wooden bike Don calls "Old Woody". Below is his trike, which he calls "Wellabidginate" (apparently, the origin of the name is another story). It began reincarnation as a two wheeler and progressed to three. A second seat was added, which has a quick release in order to switch to a carrier box. It has 21 speeds and all wheel braking. 66 inch overall length, and 42 inch turning circle. Easily ridden hands free and just as easy on two wheels!
Homebuilt bicycle
Homebuilt bicycle

Don jokes that he's looking for a way to mount this fun little bike on the right onto his trike to serve as a lifeboat.

Homebuilt Scooter

These Scooters are Don's contributions to the world of non-chaindrive vehicles.