SWB recumbent

This short wheelbase underseat steering recumbent was built by Frank Harding from Ayer's Cliff, Quebec.

Frank made this cam type brake using an old pair of safety levers from a 10 speed bike. The cam is half of a BIG aluminum washer and the cable stop is made from a down tube shifter. It's all seated on a generic Weinmann 999 centerpull brake back plate. Frank says that while it does work, it's nothing extraordinary. A lesson in what not to try perhaps? Homemade Brake
Cruiser bicycle by Mark Bergstrom
SWB Recumbent by Mark Bergstrom

With the nice paint jobs and clean components, I wouldn't have guessed it, but Mark Bergstrom builds most of his bikes from mild steel tubing purchased from the local Ace hardware store. Every year, people in Mark's town get together for a wild night on their cruiser bikes. There are photos from that on Mark's web site www.bergstrombicycles.com.

Homebuilt long wheelbase LWB recumbent by Marvin Penner

Marvin Penner sent in these shots of his homebuilt long wheelbase recumbent with underseat steering. For more info on Marvin's bike check out this link.