Buck'n Eer

These bikes were all crafted in a small garage in Hopatcong, New Jersey by three best friends - Ryan Ferraro, Bryan Grosinski and Mike Salkewicz - under the unofficial moniker of 'Dirty Jersey Choppers.' The fabrication equipment is basic, and the bikes are built based on what is recovered from the trash and the local junkyard. They are built out of enjoyment of craft, not as pieces of profit.

Hopatcong is a hilly town, one not well suited to these types of bikes. The showcase for them is the bi-annual Englishtown NJ Swap Meet, where Dirty Jersey Choppers have been in attendance as vendors for the past four years.

The Chin Saw

Iceberg Shorty


Whoa Nelly


Hezi's Recumbent

Hezi Yismach claims this homebuilt recumbent with 26" tires, a computerized K2 rear shock, and on the fly seat adjustment is very good in off-road conditions.