Brad Graham's SkyWalker Cycle
Brad Graham's Overkill Chopper

Brad Graham continues to develop newer and more exciting tall bikes and choppers. The SkyWalker on the left has a built-in ladder to mount and dismount the bike while moving. The chopper above is just plain sick.

Robert Lalonde had such a good response from this homemade chopper that he's currently setting up to build custom bikes for others.

Blue Chopper Bike

This chopper bike is the creation of Kevin Muhilly from Los Angeles. He did it up in these two different flavours. Click here for more.

Chopper Bike with fake tank
Chopper Bike
LWB Beater Bike

This slick ride came courtesy of Papa from Twin Falls, Idaho. It weighs 24.4 lbs. The wheelbase is 65". The seat height is 18".