Andreas Prothmann's bike Andreas Prothmann built this LWB recumbent. The bike was built from a 24" mountain bike (rear frame and head tube for the handle bar) and a small 16" childrens bike (front fork and head tube) and the crankset is from a twelve speed bike that his father was going to toss out. All welded to a piece of 2x2 mild steel. As all he has to join metal to metal is an arc welder, he used that to weld the whole thing together, vapourizing a bunch of bike steel before he found the right combination of electrode/amp setting and technique that worked. He claims that his welding skills are next to non-existant and keeps waiting for the resounding "SNAP" as one of his critical welds goes south on him. He's put only about 60km on it with no breakage yet. He says it's the most fun he's had riding a bike. It is comfortable (suspension will be featured on the next one) and it handles well even though it has a wheelbase of 83".

armchair bike

This comfortable looking bike is another one of Don Morrison's creations.

The man behind this spider web styled chopper is Thunder Bay's Troy Way. More of Troy's work is found throughout this section.

Spider web chopper
homebuilt trike with fat wheels

This trike is another creation of Paul Walters. This one's a child's trike. Paul built it by taking all the regular trike dimensions and multiplying them by 0.7 making it 30 percent smaller. It also has a 20 inch 48 spoke rear wheel that he drilled out for a 36 spoke hub taken from a 27 inch wheel. Paul has a smaller crank that he can change quickly for really little kids. Kids from age 3 to 8 ride it with no problem. The tail is from a 26 inch mtb frame that has the upper chain stays shortened so the brake works with the 20 inch wheel. More of Paul's work is found elsewhere in this section.

Greg Nuspel from Calgary spent the past year designing and building this trike. Now, he turns heads with it riding to work.

homebuilt trike
Mini full suspension bike

Don Asay built this mini version of a Santa Cruz Bullit complete with a tiny Marzocchi air spring fork in the front. Sweet!