These wooden masterpieces were built by Warren Von Botbyl. Warren's been building furniture for about ten years now and had some oak leftover from his last piece. He claims to have been inspired by the other bikes on this site when he set out to make his own creations. Warren is currently making two more bikes, one will be road, the other will be a more refined chopper. We can hardly wait!!

Wooden Mountain Bike
Wooden Chopper Bike
Bamboo Bicycle

Brano Meres from Bratislava, Slovakia built this frame from bamboo rods connected to carbon composite joints. For more on this project, visit

This is Steve Roberts' famous BEHEMOTH -- a computerized recumbent bicycle with satellite net connection and a massive suite of integrated systems. After 17,000 miles of pedaling and most of the 1990s wandering the US on speaking tours, the bike is now retired -- off the road and on display at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, California.

Steve's web site is

Homemade chopper

Sixteen year old Elias Koinberg from Sweden built this bike in school with his friend Alex. You can see more of it at Elias' web site.