Paul Dunham built this recumbent, the "Wild Thing", back in 1986 for his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University.

Arm and Leg Powered Recumbent
Homebuilt trike

Erhardt Wowerat sent in this photo of his home built trike. Erhardt says "The kids really seem to like the bike. The adults, that's another story...". His wife apparently liked the bike until he put the lights on the back.

This modified canoe is another one of Erhardt's projects.

This is Erhardt's latest trike. The cool thing about it, is that you turn it by leaning one way or the other.

Tilt steering trike

Erhardt would love to hear from anyone with comments about his design. He can be reached at


Here is a shot of Erhard's latest tilt steering three wheeler.