The Jump Bike

Domenico La Bombarda created this machine called the Jump Bike. You can rest your body weight on the frame and bounce along with an exaggerated running motion from the legs.

Cyclone handcycle

These bikes were built by Brad Graham from Atomic Zombie. Check out Brad's site for more info on this recumbent delta trike (above) called DeltaWolf, this machine called the Cyclone freestyle HandCycle (left), and this under seat steering recumbent (below) called WildKat. They were all made from scrap parts and a few mild steel tubes.

Gillian Komendat's Bike

Jason Komendat from Ottawa built this modified folding bike in honour of his 17 year old sister Gillian who was killed in an accident in October 2005. Gillian loved vintage folding bikes and all kinds of customs. The artwork on the downtube is copied from some of her original art.