Wheels of Hope

Ziv Botzer and three friends (all industrial design students) built this seven wheeled bike from four classroom chairs. It took their spare time over the course of a month and 12 old bicycles they found in kibutzs to complete the project. For more on this bike, click here.

Arpad Szoke from Hungary fabricated this recumbent by joining old frames with bolts and epoxy. More of Arpad's stuff can be seen here.

Arpad Szoke Recumbent
Car-Cycle X-4

This is the Car-Cycle X-4. The frame and integral suspension was built from Fiberglass, Aramid, and epoxy. The fairing uses those, plus aluminum tubing and epoxy-micro putty and a lot of Coroplast. The bike components and child seat were scrounged. A first effort, intended to test the one-piece frame and suspension and the overall package, it won the IHPVA Practical Vehicle event ten years after the debut of the bare chassis at Expo '86. A full description of it is at www.microship.com/bobstuart/article1.html.

Dingo Dizmal, a punk rock clown from Texas, converted his spincycle bike into a shoe. For more on that project and others check out: www.worldisround.com/articles/171374.

Clown Bike of Death
Swing Bike

This is George Aitken riding his swing bike in the Canada Day parade in Cambridge, Ontario. George didn't build his bike. Swing bikes used to be a commercially available product. It's here in the homebuilders' gallery for inspiration to all of you would-be swing bikers out there.

Looks like a lot of fun!