Doug Wright built this recumbent based on Brad Graham's Marauder design.

Marauder recumbent

This off-road recumbent (right) and handpowered scooter (below) were built by Hezi Ismach from Israel. The Scooter works by pumping up and down on the rod which is connected to the stem. The idea was based on a railroad trolley.

Off-Road Recumbent
Handpowered Scooter
Off road recumbent

This is Hezy's new off road recumbent. It's made from a plain full suspension mountain bike frame. Hezy arc welded a beam to it and added a universal joint steering design.

Marauder Recumbent

The Marauder is the latest creation from Brad Graham. More of his bikes are shown throughout this section. Brad will be distributing plans for this bike through his web site Atomic Zombie. Brad inspired his friend Troy Way to build the Blue Shark on the right.

Blue Shark Recumbent